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The Race Awareness Project

The Race Awareness Project™ brings together art, technology, and education to get people talking about race in an entirely new way. We are designing activities, games, books, and applications for all ages. Our goal is to make widespread some of the fascinating anthropological, historical, psychological and sociological insights about race – how race developed, how race is historically changing, and how race affects our everyday lives as it intersects with other categories of identity such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, and gender. The Race Awareness Project is a joint venture between (1) Harvard University cultural anthropologist and Director of Cambridge Diversity Consulting, Dr. Michael D. Baran ( and (2) award winning children’s interactive producer and Director of Playtime Interactive, Michael Handelman ( By teaching about race in an innovative and engaging way, we are working towards promoting respect, understanding and empathy for all people.

Two new iPhone/iPod touch apps are now available in the iTunes store!

1. The Guess My Race app takes the form of a “quiz” in which you will see stunning photographs of real people and you must try to guess how these people answered the question “What race are you?” After each guess, you will find out how the person really defines him or herself, along with a quote from that person regarding their identity or their experiences with race. Then you will be shown a thought provoking historical or cultural fact directly related to identity issues. Each quiz will display ten pictures, but you can play over and over with new pictures, quotes and facts each time. Guess My Race will show how something that is considered natural and biological is actually a result of complex historical and cultural constructions. In deconstructing these taken-for-granted ideas, Guess My Race will open your eyes, not only to racial issues, but also to a critical thinking perspective on culture and hegemony more broadly.


2. The Who Am I? Race Awareness Game is designed to open a dialogue about human physical diversity and racial identification between children (3+) and parents or caregivers. Research shows that even though many parents wish their kids to grow up “colorblind,” kids as young as three-years-old are actively learning about categories of race and ethnicity that they hear in everyday language. Therefore, it is critical that parents learn to responsibly talk about these issues and not leave children on their own to learn about race from the media or from others. The Who Am I app not only presents an easy and fun vehicle to get parents and their children talking about race, it also offers age appropriate tips on how to discuss race with your child. This app will help revolutionize the way we teach our children about the world in which they live, making them more knowledgeable, thoughtful, and empathetic.


As part of our commitment to teaching about race from the perspective of real people, we seek to expand our database of pictures and quotes.

To have your entry considered, please email your picture and completed survey to:

The picture should be sent as an email attachment. It should be centered, and shot from the chest up.

For the survey, please answer the questions below (if you are sending a picture of someone under 18, please answer the questions for them). You can send the answers as a Microsoft Word attachment or directly in the text of the email.

There are many questions – it is more useful to answer a few questions completely rather than trying to answer them all quickly. A portion of your answers may be published along with your picture. Your name will never be published with your picture or anything you write.

  1. Name (for record keeping purposes only):
  2. What race are you?
  3. Is your race any different from your ethnicity? How?
  4. How do other people think of you racially? Why?
  5. Is anyone in your family a different race than you? Please explain.
  6. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your race? How?
  7. What are the stereotypes about your race or ethnicity? Do you fit them? How?
  8. Where were you born? Is there anything different about race there? If so, what?
  9. Is there anything else you want to say about race, stereotypes, or racism?

Please Note: By sending in your picture and survey you will have explicitly agreed:

  • The person in the picture is you or your child.
  • The answers you’ve given in the survey are true to the best of your knowledge.
  • Your picture/survey may be used in other Race Awareness Project materials in addition to the Guess My Race app.
  • To the conditions outlined in this document. [PDF Download]

Thank you so much for your help in this important project!

Michael Baran, PhD
Michael Handelman

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